[zathura] Feature request, pdfcrop
Victor Modamio
2015-11-18 00:52:23 UTC

I really love the phylosophy of zathura, and how well feature-rich it
is. It perfectly fits with my work flow when processing latex and Vim.
The important point here is that It replaces any other pdf/* viewer and
I dont need any other 'in case...' However, I do extensively use pdfcrop
to extract images from pdfs and use them in my presentations (without
any quality loss). Is there any way Zathura can (or could) make a
selection of a pdf part (image) and crop it into a nice pdf image?

When I use the 'export' command it only retrives embeded images, pngs,
etc, but not pdfs.

Maybe... any way to at least parse the pdf coordinates to crop the
image with pdfcrop at once?